09 February 2012

KingCast sees Maura Murray MIA for eight (8) years and still wonders "what ever came of Trooper Todd Landry's Affidavit on the wireless calls?"

I'm not the only one asking that question, so too is investigative journo James Renner. Take a look. And look at my original journal entry. Then of course there are some crazy YouTube videos noted by Fox News. So ironic that Liko Kenney helped Fred Murray look around in the Kinsman range during a chance encounter. And of course we still wonder why the AG's office illegally withheld information under RSA 91A. Case no 154 NH 579 (2006) read it in para 3. All those seeing a pattern and practice of LE malfeasance in New Hampshire "say Aye..." or say Ayotte.

Read Fred Murray's comments here.

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