07 February 2012

KingCast sees embattled Revere Police Chief Terence Reardon take a powder.

NOTE: You have to watch this video in full screen to read my annotations about the Gatorade shell casing. Anyone who has fired a gun knows that there is no way in hell that casing got to where it did as they allege. Look at the picture in the "I do" link below and in greater detail right here.

To tell you the truth, I didn't get a bad read on this guy after two weeks of daily coverage of the Dan Talbot murder trial. I dunno, something tells me that he wasn't calling the shots out there and his resignation letter (courtesy of the Daily Item) supports my contention. Remember Todd Randall and the Gatorade Bottle journal entry? I do. Time to check up on the Appeal.

Whoa.... now the Revere Journal reports that he is backing down to the Captain position but not leaving.... which as a former LE Attorney strikes me as awkward. Odd. Joe Cafarelli is the new Chief. What is also odd is the treatment that former crossing guard Clifford Pisano received. Watch this space for documents and details but basically he claims that they trumped up A/B charges on him after some women wearing crossing guard vests grabbed his friend's arm on the beach in response to inquiry as to where they obtained the vests. He claims further that he was denied any opportunity to present his side of the events. Mr. Pisano was an active Union organizer, go figure. As to the NLRB, they could barely fight their way out of a paper bag these days so I'm not surprised they folded on him.


cliffy said...

Big shakeup,could it have something to do with what the former captain did to the crossing guard in Revere? chapter 263:section 9 rights of person accused of a crime,my guess is yes it was a direct result

Michael Holman said...

Meriden COnnecticut PD had no answer when I presenteed my evidence of at least 5 chances to protect my sons but their participation disappeared from radar. All I had to mention then wads ":you are under FBI investigation currently for what you did to those other guys", silence. I need a lawyer, I will have to do for now. Today was a good day.