12 February 2012

KingCast says "Goodnight, Whitney."

Grammy Update: Jennifer Hudson nailed it. NPR Coverage. And by the way it appears that the specific cause of death in the immediate sense was death by legal drugs. As I wrote on FB to some jackasses.... "To all you haters out there, at least she stuck around longer than Amy.... some people are able to kick it and others aren't." And just as Amy, she helped make the World a more attractive place through her music, and we thank the both of them for that. BTW my favorite National Anthem was of course tennis-related. Patti LaBelle at U.S. Open circa 2000. Venus & Lindsay. Venus won that one.

My favorite track? Whitney, you almost had it all.


Christopher King said...

And for those of you who have no compassion for folks who get caught up in drugs or alcohol or other ultimately destructive activties:

1. There but for the Grace of God go you.

2. Much of the art you enjoy and consume is created by people with certain weaknesses that include drug and alcohol abuse. It is a simple fact of life, and I am not making a normative assessment on anyone except for people like Rush Limbaugh who are complete hypocrites.

Pola said...

Rest in peace Maam ;(