06 February 2012

KingCast observation on Superbowl 2012/XLVI: Madonna still rocks.

Cousin Mike and Tony K. asked the same question many people are asking. As to Madonna and the rest of it: Copyright/Photo Credit: Billboard. As I noted over at Spencer Kornhaber's thoughtful piece "Perfect Pep Rally for Pop Music,"

"......Well put. It was a good show, actually. She tripped? So what. Lots of performers trip, hell in the Louboutin link below J-Lo fell on her luscious ass too, bounced right on up, who cares. I'm 46 so I've been watching Madonna through all of her phases since I was a kid and that 2000 era I remember it well, I bought that CD and used to bump it HARD through my little MB Quarts (with Titanium tweeters!). Thanks to producer Mirwais Ahmadzai. That to me was her zenith to me, but great to see the old gal still making us want to shake our butts we did so in the living room last night in fact.

As to the game -- which was held in Indianapolis -- I am from Cleveland. I wrote for the Indianapolis Star. I live in Boston and my GF is in New York, so despite ties to each city I really didn't care who won.... except to the extent that I basically hate Boston as a town, lol. I just hoped for an interesting game to watch over my shoulder as I made dinner and that is what we had. And TB has no reason to hang his head in shame, his place among the greatest is secure even though I hated Coach Bellicose from his Cleveland days. Ahmad Bradshaw's touchdown was surreal. Here's a good Forbes piece on that issue.

PS: VS ubermodel Adriana Lima was of course always alluring in her Louboutins (see my Louboutin v. YSL Fetish journal entry) but to me The Fiat 500 Abarth ad with Catrinel Menghia was tops, very Euro... sexy but ultimately tasteful, IMO. I kept wondering "where in the hell is this going?........" They got me. Unfortunately someone in Boston sure got the first Fiat 500 I ever saw, probably some jingoist asshat as you can see in my phone video. Seinfeld got us through law school, and his Acura NSX ad with Jay Leno was funny.... but I kept thinking, "Damn he looks like Ivan Lendl..." I missed the Flavor Flav commercial, will look for it now, but I tend to veer away from him these days as I cannot allow the memory of "It Takes a Nation of Millions" to be tainted. It was one of the best albums of any kind, regardless of genre, ever. In a word, it was psychedelic, insightful political rap played out before mass culture, the likes of which we are unlikely to ever see or hear again...."

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