10 February 2012

KingCast Motorsports to discuss Cody Eller Motorcycle road rage case with Georgia ABATE Motorcyclist Sec'y Ned Williams on Garage71 Radio.

KingCast Exclusive Update 20 March 2012:
Trial management 10 August 10a.
Jury selection 20 August 9a.
sidestands up folks see you there.

Brian wrote back, here it is, go to 14 Feb. 2012 Rumblings program, my portion starts at 11:00 in.

"....King, a motorcycle activist, is the only guy right now in the news media who is still following the Cody Eller case..."

There was a status conference on 25 Jan, trial date TBD I will be checking up every couple of weeks. Read this recent Journal Entry comments to see what prompted my response to the pinhead who wrote in wishing me ill will and death for covering this case. Here's some back story, two videos and my Amicus Brief, which ultimately was supported by the Indictment pictured at left, ahem.

Well then first of all, learn how to spell.

"Fist of all," what I do is called investigative journalism, yes I celebrate my 47th birthday in April so I was a journalist before law school and long before you were swimming in yer daddy's nutsack.

I have long been an activist for Civil Rights and motorcyclists and helped change the law in Boston and get better parking spaces to reward the use of efficient machines like ours. Watch the video:

I also minored in rhetoric. So when you use the term "mistake" I feel a need to deconstruct that. Do you mean that he mistakenly pulled into the victim.... or that he was mistaken in thinking he could get away with it?

Feel free to call in on Tuesday evening, I'll be on a talk show at Garage71 Radio hosted by the Secretary of State of the Georgia ABATE chapter. You know, responsible motorcyclists trying to stay alive out here. Your nice, sweet boy could have killed one of us, did you ever think of that? Something better to do with myself? Hell yah and she's adorable love wandering around The City with her and taking nice walks in the park: Autumn in New York.

And guess what? When we're not hanging out, I get to say and do whatever the hell I want to, like investigating mortgage fraud and unlawful child custody matters. Is that okay with you? Oh, wait. I don't care. It's called America, get over it. Journal entry coming in a few minutes, wait for it. Anyway, If you look closely you can see a little shit on my bike this morning. That's not as bad as having a little shit like Cody Eller intentionally run into you and crush your entire leg though.

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