27 February 2012

KingCast Investigation: Former Revere Crossing Guard Clifford Pisano Sues Former Mayor Tom Ambrosino, Convict ex-cop Todd Randall and former Police Captain Michael Murphy over his Termination.

Caveat emptor on Michael Murphy boys and girls.....

Zoning coordinator in 2000, manager in 2009... Been there, done that.

4:39p update: Clifford Pisano at Suffolk Superior Court
Today he filed an Amended Complaint for Nuisance relative to 525 Beach Street.
Video by 9p.

Wow..... this is some heavy-duty stuff here. I've been a bit remiss in talking with Mr. Pisano as I was focused on other matters between Boston and New York, and covering his fight against a new apartment building going up on contaminated land as seen in the short film on top. I did however reference this termination back in my first journal entry when former Chief Terence Reardon took a powder. I do not have a copy of the Complaint yet but he emailed me a copy of the cover page and I will publish a copy of the Complaint as soon as I get it.

It is heavy because the accusation is that he was taken advantage of because he has suffered a brain injury (when beaten as a child and left for dead) and fired without a hearing amidst bogus criminal charges because he was a union organizer. I see that Defendant Michael Murphy was scooted out of his position as Revere Captain and bound over to Police Chief of the bedroom community of Boxford, where my client Omnipoint couldn't get a wireless facility installed at any cost. Defendant Todd Randall (yes THAT Todd Randall) is doing soft time at club Fed for lying to FBI agents and awaiting sentencing for smacking local reporter Richard Ireton in the head at a Dunkin' Donuts franchise. And oh, former Mayor Tom Ambrosino is now the HNIC at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. I can't wait to watch this all develop in KingCast/Canon 60D 1080p vision. Growing up I watched Woody Allen's ex-wife Louise Lasser (she was kind of a hottie in her own way) in Mary Hartman/Mary Hartman but that show has got nothing on Revere I'll tell you that much. As to Mr. Pisano's land use issues, let's journey back to 2006 and another profits over principles case in Norwood, Ohio shall we? 

Anyway, I'll be certain to capture every court skirmish, the same way I got this one in the Joanna Marinova v. Boston Globe Defamation case:
Christopher King to sjccountyclerkSJCReporterElizabeth.Bouv.joan.kenneyStaciKalilaClifforddkrassnoffSethgeneLeeJodirichieiretonabensonsinmanwgouldrdicksadagostamlang-kennedybdchristoforoatlargeontherecordhannitynewswatchletterstoeditor
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Dear Ms. Kennedy: Does the SJC have any statement on this matter?

Thank you.
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subjectRe: Clifford Pisano sues City of Revere, former Mayor Ambrosino, Michael Murphy and bad cop Todd Randall

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Dear Boxford Officials:

Some of you may remember me from Omnipoint (T-Mobile) zoning studies several years ago. 

Christopher King
Zoning/Entitlements Manager
New England
BCI Communications
95 Ryan Drive, Suite 7
Raynham, MA 02767

Well now there are some zoning and personnel matters in Revere, MA that directly reflect on your new Chief of Police Michael Murphy.  I will be telephoning Mr. Murphy today and may arrive in person to inquire about the pending lawsuit filed against him by one Clifford Pisano, who also sued Federal convict and former Revere LE Todd Randall.

KingCast Investigation: Former Revere Crossing Guard Clifford Pisano Sues Former Mayor Tom Abrosino, Convict ex-cop Todd Randall and former Police Captain Michael Murphy over his Termination.

So when I appear at Boxford PD I come not as a zoning professional but as a former Law Enforcement attorney and investigative journalist seeking answers to some very troubling questions.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Christopher King, J.D.
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Christopher King said...

Clifford Pisano:

Beaten as a child, abused as a man, yet still fighting back and standing strong.

He is a True American Hero.

-The KingCaster.