12 February 2012

KingCast celebrates U.S. Davis Cup Team and the New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin.

I'll never be the sports fan that Cousin Mike is (here's a blast from the past), but I am a bit of an athlete and of course I take time to watch a few things.... and two things that made me smile a lot this week were the arrival of the Knick's Jeremy Lin, and last night's U.S. sweep of Switzerland.

For about 20 years there was a tennis adage "Who's the best doubles team.... John McEnroe and somebody." Well perhaps now it is "One of the Bryan brothers and somebody." No discredit to Mardy, just saying the Bryans are amazing.

If you had asked 100 people a week ago "Would Jeremy Lin whup Kobe Bryant," or "Would the U.S. sweep or even win against Switzerland, with Roger Federer and Mr. Backhand himself Stanislas Wawrinka, probably 3 people would have answered in the affirmative, and they would probably have been on a bar stool all day. But it happened. And Big ups to the Williams sisters for helping out in the U.S. win over Belarus. Not as shocking, but a Good Win nonetheless. Now then back to the Masters' Cup, Ashe/McEnroe 1978. I watch a couple games a day, what an awesome match.

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