06 February 2012

KingCast and NY AG Schneiderman shoot the moon at greedy lying lawyers and greedy lying banks: Suttell & Hammer + BoA, Wells Fargo & JP Morgan.

Okay so first up come the slimeball attorneys at Suttell & Hammer getting a little pro se beatdown, love to see it. It appears that they got caught up in some sort of Citibank consumer credit/FDCPA action out in Washington and had to dismiss the case. The victims inform that they never even got a copy of this until they went down to the Court to hunt around. Frankly it doesn't surprise me and I hope they sue for damages. I know Citi attorney Sam Shaulson got away with bloody murder in a case in which I was involved when they dishonored a valid check, so I have to laugh now that their lies are being exposed on a much grander scale than I could ever hope to achieve on my own. Ha. Ha.

Next up, remember the KingCast/Mortgage Movies open letter to AGs Holder, Schneiderman and HUD Secretary Donovan? Well that ties in nicely with the pending litigation that AG Schneiderman filed against Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan -- the same banks that New Hampshire pols and judges coddle daily, right in front of my cameras. We are forwarding those cases to the appropriate people.

PS: You know you're an slimbeball when you google up how much of a slimeball you are...and you end up right here. Just ask Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg. 

PPS: Goldman Sachs got booed at the HRC annual gala Saturday night. This Country is waking up folks, and I along with many other mortgage industry professionals and attorneys are going to make sure the revolution is indeed televised.

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