08 February 2012

KingCast and MrJohnMcEnroe present: John McEnroe v. Arthur Ashe, Master's Cup 1978.

Like, the first video I ever made LOL.  The 1990 shot below was his last or second-last tournament win, the Indianapolis GTE circa 1990. I had convinced my newspaper in Cincinnati to send me there over a completely different issue (that I did attend to) but like, ummm, I had a girlfriend there and Chilly Mac was in town so that's a Good Weekend right.

I don't know where this guy pulls these videos from but bless his soul. My two biggest tennis idols on the male side, too rich. I actually remember this match. I was 13. Ashe was way ahead of his time, he is playing his signature racket, an aluminum composite. Photos: Walter Kelleher, KingCast circa 1968/1990.

PS: Induct Vitas Gerulaitis to Tennis Hall of Fame.

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