14 February 2012

KingCast and Clifford Pisano ask "Are the City of Revere and ACE putting public health at risk by allowing swank residential development over the old Gibbs Oil building at 525 Beach Street?"

Well folks it looks like someone's getting schooled.... and with KingCast and Mortgage Movies it isn't the first time nor will it be the last. You see, that's just how I am. I will go and cover the things that most major press ignores. I saw it 22 years ago before law school when I worked for major press, and I vowed I would never be that way, no sellouts allowed.

16 Feb 12:26 a.m. Update 
Part II is loading loaded to YouTube.
It will blow your mind... the Silkwood bit is a Good Touch, right.

Mayor Rizzo demands resignation of 2 ZBA and Licensing wonks.

Clifford Pisano EPA Superfund Problem at Revere's 525 Beach Street Development?

5:32 pm Update: Mayoral spokesman David Krassnoff just telephoned to inform me that a 21E test will be performed at excavation. There has been no testing done as of yet, which leads me to question how a Variance was already granted. When I zoned wireless communication towers you had to have all of that completed BEFORE you got the Variance or Conditional Use Permit. Zoning Apps? Been there done that, in several states. Made a living doing it in Va. Beach/Richmond, some more in Dallas, more in New England, some of which is noted in this link. Hell I think I even did zoning apps in Revere for that matter. More on this soon. Here is Occupy Beach Street Facebook page.

Also, I visited ACE and spoke with Director Kalila Barnett, who will forward my concerns to Attorney Staci Ruben. He is requesting that she provide him copies of the documents he and another person claim she has in her possession that prove that Gibbs Oil had hazardous products on the site for many years. Here is Richard Ireton's feature from several years ago, which may explain why Wardman Novoselsky ran from my camera today, video by morning: 
City officials say that before any construction can take place, the state must take core samples approximately every 10 feet in order to receive a clean 21E soil test. Ward 4 Councilor George Rotondo said that “if they receive a clean 21E, then I will be in favor of the project.” 
The complaint from neighbors are numerous, but none more so than the discovery that Alan Ginesky and Ira Novoselsky are close friends, and that Novoselsky is using his influence to get the permits.
“The two have breakfast together almost every morning at the Bagel Bin on Shirley Avenue in Revere,” said one neighbor. The allegation of a close relationship between Ginesky and Novoselsky appears to have merit, as they have been witnessed having breakfast together on several occasions at the popular Revere eatery.
Mr. Krassnoff will review the matter of Clifford Pisano's termination after I send him relevant documents. Here is the back story on that matter, also watch by morning for the video taken at Mayor Rizzo's Office today.
Did you know that Revere is only ten miles from Woburn, Massachusetts... situs of "A Civil Action?" Yessir, one of my favorite books. I used to ride my bicycle to work right over the affected area when I worked at American Tower Corp. Anyway, Mr. Pisano sent me a letter he wrote to the Boston Globe, however he says that no one wrote back to him. Well not only did I write back to him, we just finished production for a movie tonight. As I note in the open letter to ACE, my father retired as a certified environmental chemist, this picture is from '73 when we took my Hawken classmates on a field trip. Long live the gas chromatograph!

PS: Awesome 'fro Dad, you rock!

My emails to and from the Mayor and ACE follow below the fold:

Proof of underground gasoline storage at 525 Beach Street

Christopher King to Staciadagostabdechristoforomlang-kennedyKalilaClifforddkrassnoffSeth
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Dear Attorney Rubin et al. -- please be advised that I located the information noting this issue. 

I also read the Variance Application and Approval and I find it interesting to note the alleged presence of due diligence yet nothing in the file showing what that diligence was. How they got out of Site Plan Review without some sort of soils proof is beyond me but again perhaps there is a different (more lax) process for residential units than for the wireless towers that I zoned throughout the Country, including the Greater Boston area.....

In any event I will take it upon myself to revisit Chief Fire Inspector Maniff soon to see if anyone has removed the 2,000 gallon tank.

Please don't hesitate to call or write should you have any questions.

Kindest regards,

Christopher King to StaciKalilaClifforddkrassnoffSethgeneLeeJodi
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Dear Ms. Rubin,

I will be posting out conversation online so that everyone can see exactly what the issues and allegations are. That is how I operate, in the open. While you declined my request for an interview I do appreciate your prompt response to my inquiry, which has served much the same purpose.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 2:59 PM, Staci Rubin <staci@ace-ej.org> wrote:

Hello Mr. King,

This responds to your email and inquiries about 525 Beach Street, Revere.  ACE is not providing legal representation to the residents concerned about the current and future status of 525 Beach Street.  Therefore, I have not researched and cannot respond to your questions about the current zoning status of 525 Beach Street. Thus, I also decline your request for an interview.

I read your blog and noted several inaccuracies.  I request that you correct the following inaccuracies in your blog. 

(1)   “An ACE staff attorney had actual knowledge of hazardous conditions . . .” - No person at Alternatives for Community & Environment, Inc. (ACE) has knowledge of hazardous conditions at 525 Beach Street. We understand that several Revere residents are concerned about possible contamination at 525 Beach Street.  ACE has not seen documentation of such contamination and does not know if such documentation exists.  No ACE staff person stated that ACE has documents on file proving such contamination.  We have no such documents.

.......I never said that you had actual knowledge of hazardous conditions, that is an allegation by Mr. Pisano. I am asserting that you had actual knowledge of the use of the property as I do not believe two grown men would lied about your representations to them at a meeting several months ago. I am told by Michael Marks and Clifford Pisano that they had a sit down with you several months ago at your office, and that you said you had documents you obtained from the City of Boston that showed the site usage to include BP/Gibbs Oil.

(2)   “. . . Attorney Rubin initially told him that she would provide him with documents that she has on file. . .” – No ACE staff person made any statements about having documents on file concerning contamination at 525 Beach Street.  Because ACE is not representing Revere residents on the 525 Beach Street matter, ACE has no obligation to research whether any documentation proving contamination exists. 
.....I reiterate all of my preceding comments. In addition, Mr. Marks said "The meeting was done with the understanding of her getting him a lawyer after he gave her certain paperwork. She said she was being contacted by the developers, then she never contacted him. He did his part but I think she dropped the ball on her end." I have noted that you did write back to Mr. Pisano on or about 13 February, 2012 on the eve of my video production and on the eve of His Honor's request for resignation of ZBA and other licensing officials.

(3)   “Is ACE Getting in Bed with Dirty Revere Government . . .” - No ACE staff person has had any communication with Revere government elected officials or employees about 525 Beach Street.
......That is a figure of speech that does not require modification. However I might ask why you have not had an discussion with Revere Officials given that you had concerned citizens at your office complaining about the issue. Why bother to take their complaints if you weren't going to contact anyone from the city to do at least some preliminary fact finding, I cannot for the life of me understand that. 

(4)   “Are the City of Revere and ACE putting public health at risk by allowing swank residential development over the old Gibbs Oil building at 525 Beach Street?” - The residential development proposed for 525 Beach Street, if built according to plans, will contain 30 affordable rental apartments. That is generally not considered a definition of “swank.”  Further, no ACE staff person has seen evidence that the public health is at risk. We would expect the developers of the site to be required to comply with the state law for cleaning up contaminated sites if any contamination is found on the site.
.......We can agree to disagree on what is swank. Perhaps that is a stretch. Again, my point -- as someone who has successfully zoned dozens if not hundreds of wireless towers over the past 10 years -- is that I find it hard to believe that no testing was done prior to the Variance/Use Permits.

ACE is not providing legal representation to the residents concerned about the current and future status of 525 Beach Street.  Therefore, I cannot respond to your questions about the current status of 525 Beach Street and will not grant an interview.  Any individual may contact the City of Revere to seek information about zoning variances and historical information about parcels of land and contact the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection about any report of contamination at 525 Beach Street

........I am doing just that tomorrow morning. I expect they will have the entire file for my review. 

Please correct the inaccuracies in your blog and remove ACE’s logo.

...... There are no inaccuracies in my journal. I have addressed your concerns and will respectfully decline your request to remove ACE's logo from my journal page. 
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Christopher King to staciClifforddkrassnoffSethkalilageneLeeJodi
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To all,

At this time my chief question involves the order of process. It is my understanding that at least one zoning variance was granted, and perhaps some conditional use permits. Can someone explain to me how these were granted in the absence of EPA testing such as the 21E when we have what seems to be actual knowledge of hazardous substances present. In contrast, whenever we filed for a CUP or Variance putting up a wireless structure we had to have our surveys and soils testing completed prior to full submission and approval. 

Can you forward me a PDF of the following:

1. All zoning regs. including Variance application processes.
2. A copy of any and all Variances/CUPs issued for the subject property since.... well.... back to the entire record eventually but for now just back to 2006.

As you can see by the link in my journal post I am no stranger to New England zoning (or zoning in general) but I have never seen things develop in that order.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in aiding my comprehension of what is transpiring.


PS: Ultimately, I have no horse in this race, other than the Good of the Community. As I told Ms. Barnett today the last time I was in your building I was with Dwayne (Dagha). 

Christopher King, J.D.

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Christopher King to staciClifforddkrassnoffSethkalilageneLeeJodi
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Here is video #1. I look forward to interviews with all of you on this.


Best regards,

My email to them with a copy of today's paper:

Christopher King to staciClifforddkrassnoffSethkalilageneLeeJodi
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Quel coincidence! as the French would say.

I can read French but I trust the variance and conditions appurtenant thereto is written in English.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 2:03 AM, Christopher King <kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com> wrote:
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Christopher King said...

Mayor seems pointed in the Right Direction.

Next step will be for him to put the quickness on those information requests on the variance info and conditions.

Stay tuned.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

I am informing them that I will be at City Hall tomorrow to review the entire file.

Let's count the coincidences in this matter shall we?

1. Councilor Novoselsky walks in to DD literally 2 minutes after I rode up.

2. Meanwhile the Mayor is demanding ZBA and licensing resignations.

3. I was a zoning manager in several markets including New England.

4. My father was a toxicology/residue environmental chemist.

5. On any given day I am one of the only raisins in Revere's porridge. So glad I could add to the flavor.