27 February 2012

Complaining about gas prices again? Quit driving your friggin' cage!

2010 Cadillac Escalade: 
$65,000.00/$42K current value.
16 mpg overall 
30 gals. fill up @ $4.00/gal = $120

2002 Triumph Sprint 955i: 
$11,000/$4K current value
42mpg all-around.
5 gals. fill up @ $4.00/gal = $20
Thus, I can ride 1,260 miles instead of 480 for the same amount of money, or take a nap on a bus or surf WiFi or read. Or Heaven forbid meet someone nice and actually engage in conversation with another human being. As much as I used to be into vintage BMWs and SAABS, this works for me because the scumsucking oil companies are basically Satan personified. Wasn't the purported capturing and killing of Osama bin Laden supposed to quell unrest in the Middle East and therefore help lower prices? Yah, right.

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Anonymous said...

2002 Honda VFR800FI VTEC
$9,900/$2k current value
46MPG all around

Forget about Osama for a minute, the Obama administration is in the process of surrendering to the Taliban. I thought the U.S. didn't negotiate with "terrorists". Yah, right!