10 January 2012

YouTube and New Hampshire Supreme Court caught censoring progressive alternative press, no cameras in Court and no hits updates on foreclosure fraud.

First of all how can YouTube continue to show 309, or 1/10th of the hits I got for the video, "Foreclosure Fraud: Judge and Bankster Caught on Video, Juan B. Colas, Anchor Bank Pt.1." when the graph clearly shows something in excess of 3,000 hits on the video's first day. Now on Wednesday morning 11 Jan it says 2,184 when the YouTube graph clearly shows 3,300 or so, how niggardly.

Similarly, New Hampshire cannot stand to have certain issues publicly aired so they change the rules and coverup, just as did Judge Juan Colas when I journeyed to Madison, Wisconsin yesterday. That is why New Hampshire recently reneged on its Open Court policy with respect to video cameras in Cheshire County, the same place where I had to stomp some heads back in 2006 and where Thomas Ball committed suicide by fire in 2011. The NH Supreme Court recently changed the policy to create a heavy First Amendment presumption in favor of open media access in 2007 if I recall correctly, now Judge Tina Nadeau took it all away in one pen stroke in the Supreme Act of spot zoning. 

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