30 January 2012

KingCast/Mortgage Movies presents Book and Page of Mortgage with Forged Signature and Demands that Nashua PD and Senator Kelly Ayotte: Quit Lying and Covering Up and Finally Take Action.

No, I have no idea why Liberty Mutual is searching Detective Gorman's name. Anyway, as noted in this journal entry (including the Chief's Oath of Office) I went to the Nashua PD five (5) months ago with the simple request that they search the files during a time period certain to produce the unredacted version of this filed mortgage and take legal action, much as I requested in writing eight (8) years ago. They sent Detective Alex Gorman out to gather information and interview me, kick the tyres on my case..... and promptly put my complaint in the circular file and basically dared me to produce it, thereby perpuating and perpetrating fraud and coverup in the mortgage industry. Well of course I had a copy of the paperwork and here it is folks, to be forwarded to U.S. AG Holder, NY AG Schneiderman and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan per their new investigative task force. Kelly: The ball is in your court, and it is a knifing sliced backhand deep in the corner. I recommend you stop lobbing and try to get to net to shake my hand because it is game, set match KingCast/Mortgage Movies. Regardless of whatever you and your GOP lackeys have to say about me I can point people right here and demonstrate by Clear, Compelling and Convincing Evidence that you are a big business dupe and a complete fraud.

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Christopher King said...

Judge Robert Lynn, now a NH Supreme Court Justice, said in open court, in a movie I have preserved online at Justice for Kids, "We live in a free society, and that's the price we pay, we have to put up with a little nonsense from time to time."

With all Due Respect Your Honor,

GFY. God Figure Your rationale.

We see where the nonsense is.