10 January 2012

KingCast takes a break from Mortgage Movies in a very corrupt Madison, WI.

Ahhhh, yes the morning bathroom jacuzzi, the morning run on Lake Monona, the workout room, the quick swim and the hot tub followed by breakfast. When you are dealing with Devils you need your head space, some relaxation, your friends and your woman to keep you from doing an emotional face plant. Now from yesterday's post I'm back off to work, encouraging the AG's Office not to represent Judge Juan B. Colas because he is part of the problem that AG J.B. Van Hollen is investigating according to CBS News. We will also visit Tammy Baldwin, who demanded that Van Hollen take charge, and who already demanded that Anchor Bank return the missing original wet ink note per U.C.C. and Equitable principles of Law as seen in the movie and at bottom of yesterday's journal entry. As a former AAG and licensed title insurance producer myself, I can't wait. Movie #2 later today.

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