13 January 2012

KingCast schools Matt Bieber on Mitt Romney, Ryan Williams and Kelly Ayotte: They are all a bunch of open government and free press hating jerks my friend.

Photo credit of the unlawful detainment of Matt Bieber to Karen Anderson (pictured to my right at a crazy Greg Floyd hearing). Hey Matt, we have a few things in common. One, I lived in Somerville when I moved to New England. Second, Ryan Williams and Mitt Romney are a couple of jerks. Did you know More Mitt Romney BS, just as one of his fake cops threatened a reporter years ago in NH, and Kelly Ayotte covered for it. Read all about it. Ryan Williams may apologize to you but it won't be sincere because these guys are all jerks. True enough there are jerk Dems too, but the Republicans have a patent on it. Watch the jerkhead Wisconsin Governor Matt Walker's staff try (but fail) to run me out of town as they cover unlawful foreclosure fraud. Give a holler at kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com -- I'll give you the Real Deal major media won't.

PS: I hope you sue Ryan Williams, I did. He may get away with his crap in my Free Press lawsuit KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD 2010-CV-501 or he may not. Either way the guy is a complete asshat. Sad to say, but it's not my fault and I did not make him this way, but it is a fact. Peace.

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