27 January 2012

KingCast says "Here comes another fucked-up Jeffrey Denner client, Clark Rockefeller on Dateline... what about Daralyn Kahn and eMusic CEO Adam Klein though?"

I have written about this case on prior occasion. We are all nestled up tonight finishing 500 Days of Summer and ready to watch Dateline's coverage of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter's twisted past, which may include at least one murder 3,000 miles away from from Boston, MA. As to Rockefeller/Gerhartsreiter I don't know that Attorney Denner fucked him over on the child abduction case he lost, or if he is a victim of the Court system. Somehow I suspect he just might be guilty.

Chichester, right.
Now as to Jeffrey Denner's other client, Daralyn Khan, I have reason to believe that he fucked her (ummm... in the carnal sense because she told me) while she was a client, and I think he fucked her over, same way he fucked over Derrick Gillenwater, long story not getting into that right now Google it if you like, but as senior attorney on a project he screwed up. And he is striking out on Daralyn's child support case involving multimillionaire eMusic CEO, Columbia J-School professor, Spence School Trustee and International Felon Adam Klein (Boumat, Ltd) take a read of Judge Dorothy Gibson Journal. Gibson, along with Judges Dilday and Spencer Kagan (a/k/a "Mr. Boobies" watch the video enjoy the pics LOL) have allowed this a felon deadbeat dad to stop paying child support to his unwanted daughter while being a board member at The Spence School -- where his other daughter is in attendance.
Unrelated, but fun information about poseurs vis a vis Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes.

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Christopher King said...

Here's an idea:

If you don't want to be accused or even potentially convicted of murder, don't go around lying about your identity.

And abducting children.

Just sayin'.

-The KingCaster.