12 January 2012

KingCast Presents Profiles in Domestic Violence: Saving Private Andrews from her husband and from Harrisburg Police.

Note: There is further editing due on this story as I am informed that it is sequentially out of order but substantively correct. Ms. T.A., seen discussing her case with Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson's third (or fourth) spokesman Robert Philbin (got it on 1080p Canon 60D video) is in my estimation a survivor of spousal abuse at the hands of Clem Onukwubiri. 

"I knew the jig was up," she said... "when I told him I was having problems in the relationship and the first thing he said was 'there's no way you're going to get this house'..... and it was killing me because it was my house to start with," as she pounded the center console of her one remaining car, a Mazda 6 sports sedan. Her other car is a Mazda CX-7 that she bought with part of her life savings is now being piloted by her husband, who convinced her to trade him up from a perfectly good older VW Jetta. Sadly, she has continued to press on through a fight with breast cancer and a very shady husband who has a habit of telephoning other men who know her and harassing them, present company included. Today he was bound over (got it on 1080p Canon 60D video) for a simple assault involving a situation in which he took all of the tools out of her car, forcing her to come back to her home to ask him for the lug wrench for her 2006 Mazda 6. At such point, she claims he attempted to choke her as she stood in the doorway area of her own home. He told her that he has frieds on the police force. I provided him an opportunity to tell his side of the story but he instead brought out his own video camera (one purchased by Ms. Andrews' mother) and began to videotape me, as if I care. I gave him my name and phone number and email adress.

You ask, why is she not living at her own home? Well because she couldn't get the police to take her seriously at any other point in time because they are buddies with her husband. So she couldn't get a TRO or as they call them PFA and she is afraid to return home so she is renting a room from friends. Yes her name is on the Deed, Note and Mortgage and his is not, but the police have told her that PA is a Communal State so what's hers is his and he has an equity interest in the home, presto. According to Ms. Andrews the PD straight out told her as she sought charges on him for another incident, "Clem's a good guy... what did you do to him?"

Thing is, he is not a good guy, he is a compulsive liar in my opinion. He has a criminal past involving charges of sodomy and aggravated assault bumped down from attempted murder that he never disclosed. Also, by coincidence one of my sisters is a Howard University alum and stated that it appears this man never graduated from there but that his brother may have:
"My records only show only one person  graduated in 1982 Ndubuisi Onukwubiri...."
Then there is another pending matter that I will not disclose in this space but that prosecutors are aware of. He also never graduated from Howard University as he told her, which leaves me
.....wondering and researching if Fraudulent Inducement and Fraud in the Factum are grounds for Divorce, which by Law will take at least two years in Commonwealth if he contests it. 

Anyway she claims the cops then starting singing silly songs with her name in them to her and told her husband "when she hits you we'll come arrest her." Ms. Andrews has filed a Complaint against at least one such officer, which is not good considering the fact that the office is already under fire for a questionable use of force in this recent YouTube video involving an apparently drunken male.

I can vouch for the fact that the Harrisburg PD are unprofessional, just read the journal entries that contain one of my telephone calls to Harrisburg PD along with my commentary about how they hung up on me and refused to provide their names. One of them mocked my concerns about her husbands odd behavior in searching me out to telephone me to discuss her.  I've never been friends with him, the whole thing gave me the willies. As such, the two of us filed Right to Know letters yesterday that I will detail over the weekend. Such a shame that middle Pennsylvania is rife with Deadly Domestic Violence over the past year as noted by area journo Diana Fishlock in yesterday's journal entry. We are in touch with her for a follow up. Seems that the Mayor's Office, after ignoring my emails and hanging up the phone on her yesterday (got it on 1080p Canon 60D video) is going to schedule a meeting. Stay tuned. You know I will, cameras at the ready to document the rest of this fiasco.

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My Public Information Request Email:

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If I don't have a response by next week you are likely to wind up in Federal Court. I've got Diversity and Subject Matter Jurisdiction and I will take you there the same way I took Senator Kelly Ayotte there.

As a former Government Lawyer I hate statespeople who bullshit me, so don't try it, just answer my questions and we will get along just fine. Otherwise you better lawyer up.

Are we clear?

Busted: Harrisburg PA Police Protect Domestic Violence.


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