20 January 2012

KingCast explains how to run video of police in the post Glik v. Boston era.

UPDATE 21 Jan: Some functionality has returned but still cannot share, cut, paste or respond to comments. Welllll.... actually I cannot show you that right now.... except by this link because I cannot get into my YouTube account and I cannot share any videos and when I click on my channel the chosen video about the Domestic Violence issues in Harrisburg PA does not open and run... in fact there is just a blank spot.

Whatever, I am not jumping to conclusions either way, I'm headed out for a beverage with my lady and to hell with all of this nonsense for a while. We all know that all of this shit is pretty much controlled anyway, duh.

I have never been arrested for running video on Law Enforcement personnel.... or anyone else for that matter. But Simon Glik was. And thankfully he is prevailing in litigation on that matter. You see folks, as we saw this morning in the Harrisburg Police Protect Domestic Violence journal entry involving Clements N. Onukwuribi and Mayor Linda Thompson's Office, sometimes the police and government just don't do the Right Thing. Well these particular LE do appear to be acting fully within logic and reason, except for the question "What are you doing," when it's not so hard to see me standing there with a honkin' Canon and Rode microphone in my hand, it is quite likely that I might be running video. 

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