24 January 2012

KingCast and the mighty Triumph Sprint 955i tell Progressive Insurance to go straight to Hell.

Excuuuuse me, but $2,200/yr because some idiot pulled out in front of me on the little 650R (RIP I loved that little thing) in December, 2010 and I couldn't prove it was his fault because he left the scene? I don't think so. To hell with you because Arbella, by and through Murray and MacDonald, has me covered full up for $785, or 35% of that former cost. Note there was a mistake I told them "Under $5K for the bike value" but that is current, they really wanted original price, $11K. So it went up to $1,200/yr, which is still $1K less than Progressive, or 55%.

When I saw my bill and the automatic deduction the asshole on the phone was all too happy to tell me I need two days in advance to stop the withdrawal because it was a renewal period, and blah blah blah and I told her "look, if I find it $1 less than you I'm outta' here" ----- and it looks like I beat that by a wide margin, right. Progressive can progressively f*ck themselves, LOL guys you just paid for a complete spring tune up, fork rebuild and a whole bunch of petrol. Here's the unofficial Triumph 955i/Big Triple buyer's guide.

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