04 January 2012

On 10th Anniversary of Boston Archdiocese settlement: Is U.S. Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty embroiled in yet another recusal ethics issue with the Catholic Diocese and her husband in Ryan v. Krause?

Boy oh Boy read the January 2012 update, the Bishop's lawyers even lied about the amount of time Judge McCafferty has been on this case!

Details and links later but of course you remember how Judge Paul Barbadoro was so obdurate in telling me "Plaintiff's Motion is absolutely without merit" in the Free Press litigation against Senator Kelly Ayotte, KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist 2010-CV-501, watch the courthouse video. This despite the fact that she worked for McLane, Graf -- my opposing counsel Jack Middleton and NH Bar Association President Jennifer Parent were Ayotte's superiors. The links below and the movie above show how Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty slinked out of the case with a back door recusal that was only properly filed after I complained about the ECF notation. To this day the none of the NH District Judges have explained their recusals, although I know that LaPlante has a legitimate reason because of relatives' campaign contributions. In the case below it is because of his affiliation with the Catholic Lawyers Guild as Director.

Now it appears that Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty's husband Patrick McCafferty as employee of St. Thomas Aquinas High School has direct connections with the area Diocese involved in the case of Mary and Thomas Ryan v. Robert T. Krause, 111-CV-00037, all stemming from years of sexual abuse and lies and coverup, some of which I have documented here in another context involving RSA 641:3 lies told by Kelly Ayotte's "hero" Gregory Floyd, whom I believe murdered Liko Kenny. Ryan opted out of a forced settlement and REALLY made some folks very angry. Meanwhile Magistrate McCafferty is of course issuing adverse rulings in the case that I will pull from Pacer later today. I know there is a pending Motion for Recusal against McCafferty and Judge Joseph LaPlante, whom I believe currently is involved with entities like the Catholic Lawyers' Guild, which arguably puts the Bishop of the Manchester Diocese ahead of American Law. But don't ask me, read it for yourself, above.

Phone call today to verify the association and identity and check up on the case law for spouses, but even before I do that I can say it is indeed questionable. McCafferty of course was an Ethics advisor with the NH Bar/Discipline folks. St. Thomas would be far from ecstatic. But what do I know, right. Perhaps Senator Leahy's Office knows better, or at least they know what I know.... perhaps you should ask them because they sure are interested:

10:25a update: phone to school, HR is out this week. Admin is waiting to hear from the Principal, she asked me the reason for the inquiry and verified connection between Diocese and the school, I telephoned the Courthouse and left a message with clerk Jim.
1:01p update: No word yet but I know the school has reviewed this journal:
2:31p update: No word yet but I know I have met my ethical responsibilities head on. It appears as if Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty has failed on hers under similar circumstances to my case unless the Plaintiffs are suffering under a case of mistaken identity, but somehow I doubt it.
2:48 update: Jim from Court called back but could not confirm or deny that it was the same Patrick.

Read below the fold for more in my email to McLane, Graf lawyers Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent. Much more.
Another Ethics/Recusal problem for Landya B. McCafferty in Diocese case?


I sure hope not:

I am waiting for call backs now, but perhaps Jack, Jennifer you worked with her, so you know The Answer can you help out here in order to clear Her Honor's name?

And while you're at it perhaps you can update me on Senator Ayotte's promise at precisely 3:10 of this video

......to see about referring me to the appropriate agency to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage.... Nashua PD hasn't said "Boo!" to me in 2+ months, I feel like they just called me in to try to poke holes in my story then when they couldn't, they just bailed. It is one of my New Year's resolutions to get to the bottom of this:

See because I think you guys are full of it, but since we are in the New Year I am trying to give you a second, third or fourth chances to prove me wrong. I sure would like to be wrong this time, you know given the underlying child abuse issues and such. I have a hard time with Kelly on children because she allowed for Unconstitutional DNA reporting of New Hampshire Children, remember that? You know, RSA 651C?

I asked her about that issue at 4:25 of this movie, 

"Mexican Standoff -- Ayotte, McCain and NH GOP defy First Amendment Freedom of the Press."

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, prompt and thorough response.

Christopher King, J.D.
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Christopher King said...

Request for verification on marriage to Landya B. McCafferty

Christopher King
12:23 PM (0 minutes ago)

to pmccafferty
Dear Mr. McCafferty,

There has been substantial concern from some people that your marriage to Landya B. McCafferty provides Just Cause for her recusal in Ryan v. Krouse, a case involving the Catholic Diocese.


The school admin told me that she was asking the Principal for verification but I have not heard anything back yet, and the Clerk of Courts would neither confirm nor deny your marriage to Magistrate McCafferty.

Wherefore in the interests of 100% accuracy I figured I might as well go directly to the source and ask you. Thank you in advance for your time, consideration and prompt response and best wishes in the New Year.


Unknown said...

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Christopher King said...


Yah there may be a slow moment every now and then but there's always something notable just around the corner. This spring is going to rock.

BTW let me check Pacer on this case to see if she recuses. Today is 11 Feb. 2012.