05 January 2012

Interesting Court Hearing in Milford, NH raises Rod Class/CQV Trust and travel issues.


Christopher King said...

Thanks Chris, very nice. Again, I'm having no luck posting, so can you post this for me?

I'm the man called John Ingress. In court on Jan 3, I asked “if I am acting as a living man, just ‘traveling’, and not engaged in commerce or as a state employee, do I have the right to travel on the road.”

She said “you do not. That is the legal ruling.”
“I’d like to get that in writing.” “The reason you do not is the fact that commerce deals with the United States, in terms of the roadways in the State of New Hampshire, be they…they may have some federal money but they also have state money, or totally state money, that when you choose to ride along a state roadway, you have consented to be governed by the rules and regulations of the state governing those roadways.

Therefore the licensing, the registration, etc., governs everyone’s behavior, once they choose to travel upon a roadway.”

“Given that DMV is a private agency, and you are a private company, I would like to get something in writing to the effect that is mandatory for me as a living man, accessing God-given land to move myself from one place to another….” She cut in with “It’s not God-given land, well it is God given land but it belongs to the State.”

Greg Ward said...

Greetings, thanks to the man called John Ingress for his courage to speak this in the court. It seems that I've seen no one bring up a federal suit against the DMV pursuant to 5th amendment due process as interpreted by the Supreme Court. The federal code mentions commerce pertaining to drivers, which makes e federal motor vehicle code agree with the supreme court, but it seems the states don't mention commerce. This puts them in a violation of Supreme Court rulings. Per Murdock v Pennsylvania, they've converted your constitutional right into a privilege. It also seems like maybe claiming common law jurisdiction before collapsing e trust may be necessary? One Irish guy mentioned waiving all the benefits and relieving the judge from performing his duties as consideration. Everything began in common law right? That is our intiial god given right, to consent or not. Free will... Anyway, thanks to the man called John and to Chris for reporting on it. Blessings to you both.