20 December 2011

Robosigner Bethany Hood and Fein Such & Kahn busted on phone and in person.

Query, why is the Comptroller of the Currency reading Mortgage Movies?
Query, is that Judge Arthur Schack from NY Court reading my journal?
He's a great Jurist. Read more about Judge Schack in the last paragraph.
Also I find it funny that YouTube shows about 200 348 (7:30p) hits on the short film when there are more than twice that many hits at the journal page since I posted it yesterday. Now at 7:30p the discrepancy narrowed, with 426 journal hits to 348 views. 
Thing is, most people are coming to watch the movie, not read the text, ahem.

Dig the "QWR" notation in my notes. You think the courts actually give a damn about that? Sadly most courts do not and corruption, fraud, and deceit rule the day. Bethany Hood may have been a stellar mail handler, but a MERS Veep she is not. Financial VP? I wouldn't let her run my niece's lemonade stand.

Here then, is your back story.

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Christopher King said...

Reuters Information Technology checked in as well. As my southern ancestors used to say when I was a wee little lad visiting from the North:

"You can't keep the Truth down but for so long."

-The KingCaster.