27 December 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies seek Countrywide/Bank of America racial discrimination victims for video documentary.

Here is last week's journal entry about the sewer scum at Countrywide, Bank of America and Citibank. As I wrote the Brent Kendall, the author of this Wall Street Journal piece, my family was victimized by racial steering when we moved to Cleveland Heights as one of the only black families in what was then an almost exclusively white community in 1970. See Heights Community Congress v. Hilltop Realty 774 F.2d 135 (1985) as I explain to Rod Class and crew in this 2011 video before we marched on Washington in this movie. Since that time I edited and wrote for medium and large press, graduated from law school and became a licensed title insurance producer. Now I document downfall of Western Civilization vis a vis America's Mortgage Crisis, which was well-known (read the Human Rights Alert dossier) to those who had the power to stop it. The video of the Fein, Such & Kahn - Bethany Hood - Lender Processing Services fiasco is a representative body of work for those who find this journal and wish to comment. And by the way, as the report indicates, California is ground zero for corruption, watch the movies regarding Commissioner Glenn Mondo, he's a real piece of work:

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