15 December 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies update from Marie Miller/NationStar/Judge Wageling Concord, NH Supreme Court Foreclosure Fraud Judiciary Grievance Panel.

The chap in the back taking copious notes is recently-retired Union Leader Statehouse Dome correspondent Tom Fahey. He returned for this special event.
Someone told me: " I didn't know he was still around." I said "Well today he is."
I told him: "Sit still Tom you are about to get an earful on this one."

"Standing is a basic tenet of American Jurisprudence....."

15 Dec. 2011 we came we saw we rocked it, video of our testimony coming by tomorrow. I got off into Senator Ayotte's willful failures and transgressions on the mortgage front as well. Major press was there in the form of Union Leader's Tom Fahey, stills to follow as well. And for the distinguished members of the Committee at the bottom of this page I present the Shawn Masterson video before Judge Diane Nicolosi as he tells her "My client Wells Fargo and I have reviewed the original note and mortgage and it is in my desk," yet somehow never produced.

As you will soon see by the videos at my Mortgage Movies Journal the Panel got an earful, and they were assiduously absorbing it. While I was there Charles O'Leary dropped by so that I could notarize my Affidavit in the Liko Kenney lawsuit regarding the Franconia shooting tragedy that Kelly Ayotte covered up.... at least for now. There are other Affidavits coming too, from former Franconia LE Bradford Whipple and a PI by the name of Tom Nickels. Poop will hit the fan. yessir.


Christopher King said...

In the event that it's not obvious, I love photographing Marie Miller almost as much as my GF.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. I have enjoyed following your blog for over a year now. Your blog has has opened my eyes to what is and has been going on in the state. Your doing good for the people and we need more like you out there. I actualy ran across someone last week that had a "harmon law office" and wells fargo forclosure done on him. He brought me tons of paperwork but i didnt see a "Linda Green" Doc in his papers. I told him to keep looking for more papers to bring me.

Hampton Beach NH

Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar:

Here's what I tried to post to your blog, but it didn't stick somehow...

Awesome post and great court docs! It was good that the Redress of Grievances Committee reminded us that there was at least one good judge along the way here who did the right thing... Kenneth C. Brown ordered Nation Star to pony up their proof of standing, which Nation Star never did. Subsequent judges then ignored the court order in favor of the bank, thus breaching their oath of office. Perhaps they've been able to do this because we haven't accepted their oath of office, thereby giving them our sovereign immunity so they can abide by their oath of office without fear of reprisal from we the people, their employers.
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Christopher King said...

Hey JG I will email you with the movie link, this is one for the ages so spread it about.

I've been wondering who you were off the tracker, let's catch up after the Holidays,


PS: Not just in NH but all over.... so many cesspools so little time.