08 December 2011

KingCast takes a stand on Domestic violence against Harrisburg, PA Police.

Thank goodness I found the original full file so I can email it off to City Council and the Mayor today, 11 Dec. 2011.....This husband did not disclose his criminal history to his wife, including charges of sodomy and aggravated assault, I believe there were convictions, will double check and verify with her PI. She bought the house and helped him get to a position to earn a living, but the cops and judges have kicked her out of it, not long after her recovery from cancer. Fascinating. 

Before Officer Bright left, she turned and told Mr. Onukwubiri that when she hits you, call me and I will arrest her……

……I was taken down to the Walnut Street police station and booked.  As I entered the facility a Latino officer on duty asked me what my name was. I replied T____________ and he started making fun of me, stating aren’t you the girl that was supposed to be dead.  I remember you, we got a call that you were dead in somebody’s house.  He asked what I did to Clem and then stated, I know Clem. I worked with him. He’s a good guy, so what did you do to him. Then he started singing some idiotic junior high song with my name in it.

Abused wife and cancer survivor and indie journo file complaint against Harrisburg PA Police

12 Dec. 2011 Update: City Hall is reviewing the matter, there is some sort of hearing today.

An incredible story of how a woman who was the breadwinner and a cancer survivor gets kicked out of her own home by a husband who hid his criminal past from her, including issues of sodomy and aggravated assault. It seems His Honor is prone to citing Warren Zevon in his rulings.... well I am here to tell him he's got an Excitable Boy on his hands.

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