17 December 2011

KingCast says "A rose is a rose.... but apparently not everything is rosy at B & H Photo...."

No.... and in fact is smells more like shit than rose: I bought my Canon 60D and Rode SVM Stereo Mic from B&H Photo and I just recommended the store to more people, notwithstanding the presence of past and current serious Civil Rights cases. It is disturbing. I love my camera though.... but should I continue to support these guys, now that I am aware of these issues, it is giving me serious pause.
The store was sued in 2007 by Hispanic employees who work in the warehouse and were paid less than their Jewish co-workers. The company settled without admitting any wrongdoing, paid out $4.3 million and agreed to regular monitoring by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Currently, seven women are accusing the company of paying female staffers less than their male counterparts -- and reserving the coveted sales positions almost exclusively for men.

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