18 December 2011

KingCast presents: Blue Collar Man Part Deux.... with David Byrne.

Okay so Blue Collar Man Part One featured Styx. But today I am featuring David Byrne, because he takes the most mundane things in life and makes them appear majestic and beautiful. I love his composition and orchestrations, a True Genius and music hero. The fact that his music transcends race and culture is also key. It is so ironic that I have never seen him or the Talking Heads in concert, though I have seen the Tom Tom Club. Maybe it's better that way I probably would have had a damn heart attack from sensory overload. Meanwhile I note that KingCast65 YouTube power to the Proletariat has squeezed past 250K views sometime in December and subscribers are up 42% since April.... without any special promotions and with the Internet mafia keeping me at bay as much as it can. Much more growth to come in 2012.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

You Wall Street Fokkers better believe I would trust a man wearing these worn out work boots years before I would ever trust any of you friggin' Bruno Mali wearin' scoundrels.

-The KingCaster.