08 December 2011

KingCast open letter to Lucy Dalglish regarding online journo Crystal Cox: Federal Judge Marco Hernandez is wrong, she is a Journalist.

But what do I know.... I only co-chaired a panel on the subject at last year's New England News and Press Association Annual Convention and Trade Show, ahem. Here are all three KingCast NENPA videos, including an intense session with photojourno Bob Holt, III.

Note: I am not providing any commentary on whether or not her statements are protected, only as to whether or not she is a journalist. What do I know about Defamation? Well quite a bit. Just ask the Boston Herald: I helped Plaintiff Joanna Marinova obtain counsel, now the Herald is up shit creek without a paddle.

Lucy (at Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press hereinafter, "RFCP").

I wrote Crystal, see if you can help her regarding this travesty of Justice

Hey Crystal,
File a Motion to Set Aside the Judgment or Verdict and file an appeal. 

First read the definition of journo with respect to the FOIA. I have a pending appeal on that. Read the links carefully including the fact that NH clearly sees bloggers as journos when you have a track record in the implode explode case, also stemming from the mortgage industry.http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2011/10/kingcast-catching-up-with-martha.html

Also a Federal Court Judge ruled that I am "an african american journalist" even though I have not worked for a mainstream press in 20 years.....
You will see the Court denied my TRO request to attend a campaign event by a douchebag U.S. Senator, but that matter is not yet done, I had a hearing on Monday on that. Also that Judge who denied my TRO, well I forced her to recuse because she worked for the same law firm as the defendant and opp counsel.


You crack me up I do the same thing with my statcounter all the time, then hook it up with infosniper to get the map and blam!!!!! We made a state investigation go away last month over in MD long story.

I too have mortgage experience search "mortgage movies" on youtube. 

I was a title insurance producer. I go all over the country to expose corrupt banks that run this Country. They hate people like you and me because they can't own us. 

Keep it up.

PS: Never let them call you a blogger. You are on online journalist. I refer to my pages as "my journal."

From the Report and Recommendations:

Plaintiff Chris King is an African American journalist who runs two internet blogs, "Chris Kings 1st Amendment Page" and "Kelly Ayotte Senate Blog." He filed a multi-count complaint under federal and state law in New Hampshire state court against defendants Kelly Ayotte Senate Campaign, the New Hampshire Republican Party, Nashua Republican City Committee, and the Nashua Police Department. All defendants removed the case to this court under the general removal statue, 28 U.S.C. § 1446.

Plaintiff brings claims for violation of the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, a violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1981, and state law claims for assault, false arrest, and negligence. The central events alleged in the complaint concern the actions of the defendants toward King during three political party rallies: (1) the August 29, 2010, Kelly Ayotte Facebook rally, (2) the September 12, 2010, Joe Arpaio event, and (3) the October 2, 2010, John McCain event. Plaintiff entered or sought entry to all three events as a journalist, but was either denied entry or was escorted from the event [*4] by Nashua police at the direction of persons working for the political party event sponsors. At all three events other media, all of whom were Caucasian, were allowed entry and were allowed to remain at the events. Evidence regarding one additional event that occurred on November 1, 2010, in Portsmouth, NH, was submitted at the hearing.

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