09 December 2011

KingCast Mortgage Movies commentary on Occupy Boston's precarious state vis a vis Mayor Menino's comments on purported health risks.

I wrote the Washington Post National this morning:
The purported reason for the ban is false. Health risks? Squalor? I've been through there when I shot this video and witnessed none of it. Also I know for fact that top police brass were trying to prove health risks but failed. More on this later.


As a former title insurance producer I completely support the movement.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that Mayor Menino is driving out Occupy Boston for ideological reasons. Could it be the budget? The movement has to have cost the city a lot of unplanned police hours.

It would be sad if this left the city less protected by police, or forced budget cuts in the public schools or social programs which serve only the 99% themselves.

Could it be the health of the protesters themselves, with the cold coming? We are all thinking about that.

Christopher King said...

Food for thought.... I suppose if he had really wanted to be a downpressor man he would have encouraged a much more offensive LE presence and let's face it, the LE in Boston have been pretty chill.

Heck I've spoken with several of them who are now reading mortgage movies journal :)

Only time may tell.