07 December 2011

KingCast explains the Mitt Romney/Kelly Ayotte email deletion and contempt of free press commonality to Boston journo Dan Kennedy.

Dan was telling me that he was not going to let me "hijack his blog with totally unrelated to what [he is] writing about." So here's how I broke it down for him, but what do I know about good journalism... I dunno I'll guess you'll have to ask the Boston Globe about that as I prepare to bust out that Canon 60D for their upcoming Defamation trial with Joanna Marinova now that their Interlocutory Appeal on the Summary Judgment denial got slammed, ahem.

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Somehow I believe that, because of the close alliance between Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney (you are aware she publicly endorsed him and was rumored to be a running mate)
……Kelly Ayotte’s proved history of email destruction is totally related to Mitt Romeny’s similar actions,
……not to mention how she covered up for Mitt Romney when he had a fake cop threaten a reporter, thereby showing how both of them have contempt for free press and open government.
Which is why I had a Federal Court hearing in support of indie media in Federal Court Monday.
Peace Dan I hope that ties it all together for you.


Christopher King said...

Christopher King to Dan, bcc:
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Oh so despite the close alliance between Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney are you telling me now that Kelly Ayotte's proved history of email destruction is "totally unrelated" to Mitt Romeny's similar actions?

Is that your position Dan, yes or no?


On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 8:12 AM, Dan Kennedy wrote:

I'm not letting you hijack my blog with stuff that's totally unrelated to what I'm writing about. DK

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I explained it in better detail at your blog, which I can't seem to access anymore through Google Chrome so I used another browser. I'm sure it's just a technical hiccup.



Christopher King said...

Good morning Dan, and remember this as you set about your day:

If I ever heard tell of anyone kicking you or any other journo out of an event or series of events I would be there to support you in a heartbeat. But frankly some of the people who attended my NENPA presentation last year on open government and my First Amendment battles (which I typically win, thank goodness) gave me the very distinct impression that they wouldn't cross the street to help me out.

That's how you live and you learn who's got your back, mate.

My father, the original KingCaster taught me that. He also taught youth about his work as an environmental chemist (residue toxicity) at Diamond Shamrock, where people always tried to get him to lie to cover things up.


He wouldn't stand for any phony shit, so the apple doesn't fall far then does it. All of which heightened my sensitivities to working in Woburn at American Tower Corp where those phony assholes got hit for backdating stock options (I was called as a background witness) and hit for $300K overtime after I wrote a complaint to the DOL on behalf of my trainees.


Whenever I would ride my bicycle from work from Boston I would think about that as I slid into the shower..... I definitely took them cold and quick, didn't want my pores too open, right. Things that make you go hmmmm.....

So anyway I appreciate the way you sat through that trial (as I sat through the entire Dan Talbot murder trial with video) and I appreciate the fact that you flushed out the nuances even if I ultimately don't agree with all of your ideas to cure the process, at least you recognize that there was a need to cure the process.

Would that you or other area journos actually realize and act upon the fact that there is a problem in the process when you have a former 8 year AG running for U.S. Senate and booting selected journos from their publicly-advertised events held on commercial property.... using on duty LE to boot.

Peace Dan.

-The KingCaster Jr.