08 December 2011

Kelly Ayotte is still "full of shit" and siding with Wall Street... and her party line vote on Richard Cordray and the CFPB proves it.

What did I write back in August, 2011?
KingCast Ohio AG pals Kent Markus and Richard Cordray are heading up CFPB much to Senator Kelly Ayotte's chagrin!

Kelly Ayotte and her Republican Cronies pretty much hate everyone from the Ohio AG's office, including my old pals Kent Markus and Richard Cordray. Watch more Kelly Ayotte CDO Fraud videos hereTo witness her contempt for open government and free press that saw her well-connected lawyers in Federal Court this week look here.

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Michael Holman said...

Now Kelly's buddy ARPAIO has the Feds charging him with countless crimes against minorities. Birds of a feather.....