29 December 2011

HSBC Bank knows that eMusic CEO, Spence School Board member and Columbia J-School prof Adam Klein is a convicted felon who hates paying child support.

Who knows, maybe they are behind all of this anyway. If they are in any way funding this creep they arguably are behind it. Not only that, I have an unconfirmed rumor out of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue that Adam Klein and his scumbag lawyers at Lee, Levine & Bowser have found a way to stop all of his child support payments even though Adam Klein has never paid what the guidelines require. Much of that blame goes to Daralyn Khan's lawyer Eric Karp, who screwed up the Child Support Agreement IMO. How does a flipping multimillionaire get away with that? Oh, wait... maybe perhaps BECAUSE he is a flipping multimillionaire. Whether or not there is actually a Court Order to that effect remains to be seen, but I would bet that there isn't. Read more at the Judge Dorothy Gibson Protects Deadbeat Dads Journal.

Wonder who this is checking in from sunny Puerto Rico? Maybe it's Judge Spencer Kagan on another booze run. I know he follows this journal because he keeps asking Jay Korff to ask me to remove any references to his name. Beer and boobies. Former interns discussing cases. Complete derogation from Law and Order, to say nothing of common sense. The mind boggles.
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Christopher King said...

Actually I don't know that he is a multimillionaire and no one who is entitled to know his true worth really knows it because he never had to file real and substantive income statements with the Court because the Court protects him.

It is accurate to say that he lives in multimillion dollar digs at Central Park West.

-The KingCaster.