09 December 2011

Dear FBI: Are you investigating the First Amendment Nashua Police abuse complaints filed in July 2011 by Mike Gannon, Pam Reynolds and KingCast?

Don't forget to watch Mike Gannon's FBI and Nashua PD movie in which he demands his discovery. He called me today they told him he could pick up copies and charged him $25!!! Let's see what he gets. Anyway the FBI intake personnel took copious notes, and I explained.... Look... this is not a case where some jerk gets in the officer's way and unbalances a situation during exigent circumstances.... if that were the case I wouldn't be here...... And yes again to the FBI only the notepad and external office pictures were taken, rest easy. A reporter has to know his or her limits.... and so too must the Nashua PD. 

Regarding the complaints, we know not to bother Senator Kelly Ayotte because if she had her druthers we would all be arrested, detained and silenced without warrant. Now I know you are busy, I've been a government lawyer myself and things get hectic. I'll stop by next week so that we can catch up in person and I thank you in advance for your time, consideration and continued interest in this matter, particularly in the wake of Glick v. Boston and the acquittal of indie journo Dave Ridley at the hands of the Nashua PD.


Michael Holman said...

Who knows what they are doing, they answer to no one, for now. The reason I continue throwing punches, something has got to give. So much evidence of corruption in the New Hampshire system.......Ayotte clearly violated you, with no fear of being charged, good that you brought suit when you did, before the 2012 election......

Christopher King said...

I know mate... it's not far from a joke.... we go to them with clear cut issues involving police abuse, macing, punching, wrongful arrests for citizens and media running video on LE and we hear nothing back for 5+ months.

This despite the developed case law of Glik v. Boston.