19 December 2011

Oy Vey! Court Protects Legal Incompetence in Record $1.7M Scott Hyman Anti-Semitic Hemlock/Lakeville Verdict, Awards New Trial.

6 Jan 2012 update:
There is no Entry. There is a Decision, but no Entry. Which means Mr. Hyman and the Prescotts are still screwed, they just can't appeal it yet. Fascinating.

Well folks almost 1.5 years have passed since KingCast coverage concluded on the Scott Hyman case, as the Jury rendered a record $1.7M Verdict. Every Jewish Holiday I tend to point out the delay in the ruling, as I surmised that Mr. Hyman was going to get screwed.... again. 

Well here we go: I recently received notice that Judge Cosgrove, pictured, granted Defendants' Motion for New Trial and to Set Aside the Verdict, basically citing legal incompetence of Defense Counsel. As Negrodamus, I told you many months ago that the arguments set forth by Defense Counsel were grounds for legal malpractice, but certainly not grounds to set aside a Verdict. More on this soon. A burned-out home. Swastikas. Urine. Feces... and now a ruling that smells like excrement, IMO. Defense Counsel gets a Mulligan, try it again. Hang in there Mr. Hyman the Truth will come out and your position (and that of co-Plaintiff Don and Julie Prescott, who also appear in the video at their own home) will be vindicated.

The police testified favorably for the Plaintiffs:


Christopher King said...

Another day in legal infamy here in New England, fancy that.

As you fancy that, Google:

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Michael Holman said...

Klan/Racists have always enjoyed protection in the Judicial System. Lets hope that justice is served finally, instead of mouths watering for so long.

SHE said...

I'm worried about Scott Hyman. We were speaking last week. He says his life has been nearly destroyed not just by the Defendants but also by the legal process and costs. He was so pessimistic about the judge. And now his fears have materialized.

He needs support.

Anonymous said...