27 December 2011

Brown University/Marcella Dresdale lawsuit over alleged bogus rape settled quietly out of Federal Court.

28 May 2012 Update: I issued a congratulatory comment to K.C. Johnson, whom I believe to be the writer of this feature but it has not yet been published... In it I described my journo and legal backgrounds and closed with "keep doing what you do, and I will keep doing what I do.... so much corruption, so little time...."

31 May 2012 Update: I tried again after reading this: Leave comments here. Unless they are vicious or obscene, they will be printed. 
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Hi, Just a quick note to applaud you for your coverage. I wrote for student papers and then for Ohio Call & Post and Indianapolis Star before law school, and I have seen what false rape/assault allegations can do. There was a similar one in Ohio out of Kenyon that the Federal Court just squashed when the male student sued. Turned out she had sex with another man that night who was not her boyfriend AFTER she had sex with the black guy and that second guy was one of the key witnesses. Kenyon withheld the information initially. Yet somehow the black student (an honor student BTW) got his case thrown out of Federal Court. Isreal v. Kenyon + Rose 2:00-cv-01378. These are all documented FACTS BTW. 

Kenyon case referenced:http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2011/12/brown-universitymarcella-dresdale.html 

Still, so much corruption.... so little time.

Dang! All before I could get my KingCast cameras on the courthouse steps at trial. Here is Marcella Dresdale's bio. It notes that she was a debutante. It does not include the false rape allegations that Brown apparently conjured up, at least to my reading. Here is my first story on it, in para. 2, relating to cases that move forth and back between NH and RI District Courts, such as my Kelly Ayotte/GOP/Nashua PD free press lawsuit that traveled to RI after I busted Landya B. McCafferty for not telling me she worked for McLane Graf. McLane, Graf is the former law firm of Defendant Kelly Ayotte and my opposing counsel Jennifer Parent and Jack Middleton, as if they didn't know better for not telling me that. Parent is NH Bar President for Pete's sake. Now what puzzles me is why the Businessweek writer and editor mischaracterized the settlement as the case being "dropped." That ain't what happened folks, take it from a former Federal litigator, that case was not "dropped" but rather dismissed as part of a settlement, as Plaintiff's lawyer clearly noted within the body of the story. Bloomberg/Businessweek is now following KingCast: 
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28 May 2012 Update: I issued a congratulatory....

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