15 December 2011

Abused wife and cancer survivor goes public with complaint against Harrisburg PD for unlawful favoritism of husband with hidden criminal past.

Before Officer Bright left, she turned and told Mr. Onukwubiri that when she hits you, call me and I will arrest her……

……I was taken down to the Walnut Street police station and booked.  As I entered the facility a Latino officer on duty asked me what my name was. I replied T__________ and he started making fun of me, stating aren’t you the girl that was supposed to be dead.  I remember you, we got a call that you were dead in somebody’s house.  He asked what I did to Clem and then stated, I know Clem. I worked with him. He’s a good guy, so what did you do to him. Then he started singing some idiotic junior high song with my name in it.

Abused wife and cancer survivor and indie journo file complaint against Harrisburg PA Police

12 Dec. 2011 Update: City Hall is reviewing the matter, there is some sort of hearing today. Here is your back story with phone call video to Harrisburg PD.

An incredible story of how a woman who was the breadwinner and a cancer survivor gets kicked out of her own home by a husband who hid his criminal past from her, including issues of sodomy and aggravated assault. It seems His Honor is prone to citing Warren Zevon in his rulings.... well I am here to tell him he's got an Excitable Boy on his hands.


Christopher King said...

Public Records Request:

Dear Police Chief Kellar:

In light of the expanded Right to Know Law of 2009 please immediately provide me the name rank and badge number of any and all LE personnel with whom I have discussed this matter.

I am not going to tolerate being threatened with arrest.

I am not going to tolerate hang ups and discourteous behavior.

What I am going to do then, is start suing if I don't get an answer soon.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter, before someone gets seriously hurt.


Christopher King, J.D.
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Christopher King said...

Whoa..... Really???

That is reprehensible conduct. I would definitely sue if I were you and I will join you if I don't have my information like, RIGHT NOW. Having been a government attorney nothing annoys me more than government malfeasance.


On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 9:53 AM, t______ wrote:
For the record, I have twice requested the police reports on former incidents/police responses to my property and former residence: 262 Peffer Street.

I was formally denied via letter, but no reason for the denial was provided. These two letters are now in the hands and possession of my soon to be ex-husband, along with other documentation I have for a civil suit against the City of Harrisburg, naming officer Aimee Bright specifically and possibly Judge Evans. I'm uncertain what legal action I can take against a public office holder, however, should their be any claim that can be made against him as a Judge presiding over my former PFA hearing. He made a ruling post=hearing that was back dated to April 25th, which EVICTED me from my own pre-marital residence despite my residing in the property solely from April 7 - till June 11th (when I left for a one day business trip). My husband broke into the residence while I was out of town & "re-claimed" residency. I have a witness who saw the whole thing and will testify to such.

There is a police report for that night (early am either on June 11th or June 12th or June 13th) - please forgive my slightly chemo impaired memory for the dates. A neighbor saw my ex breaking into my property that he was evicted out of by Judge Dowling via a temporary PFA order (ONVKWUBIRI -- is the incorrect spelling on that order). She called twice and reported it. I called twice from the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport and no officer responded. I then drove immediately to the police station and waited over three hours to speak with an Officer and it just so happened to be Officer Aimee Bright, Badge #98 who came out to greet me and smiling told me I have been evicted out of that house and she would arrest me if I went there for any reason.

FYI: The PFA order that was issued by Judge Evans against me NEVER stated that I was evicted out of 262 Peffer Street, but I was threatened with arrest and then went to the YWCA shelter, where I was informed they were full for the night. I was just out of my house with no possessions what so ever.

IF I WAS YOUR DAUGHTER, what would you think or do as a parent. My mother, then called and spoke to Captian Oates and got no where also. DISGRACEFUL. That's what the entire situation was and still is with the City of Harrisburg and the Dauphin County Court System. My former attorney, Joseph Caraciollo advised me NOT to file a complaint against the city police, until I no longer resided in Harrisburg, particularly in light of my spouse's relationship with multiple officers on the force. I no longer reside in Harrisburg, but am still the sole property owner of 262 Peffer Street. My current address is confidential which I shared with Corporal Nautsche, when my ex assaulted me for the third time and this time grabbed me by the throat three times in front of 5 witnesses. I have also contacted District Justice Pianka's office and informed them that my address is confidential because of a domestic violence siuation. However, it was listed on my Supeona for the aggravated assault charge against my ex on Jan. 12th, 2012. I hope that the HBG PD did not forget to black out that information in their contact with my ex.

I too am requesting all Public Records with regard to my property address,262 Peffer Street Harrisburg PA 17102, under the Right to Know Law.

THank you,

Anonymous said...

I notice that you blanked out her name in several places, however, you left it in on your posted copy of her citizens complaint... If your intention was to keep her full name private, you might want to fix this.

Christopher King said...

Indeed, thanks, yes we discussed that and she is okay with it on that level.