01 November 2011

WHDH Channel 7 settles Defamation case with Joanna Marinova as Boston Herald and Jessica Van Sack file Interlocutory Appeal on Summary Judgment denial.

The title pretty much says it all. Here is a back story journal entry though showing the relevant Summary Judgment proceedings and all prior videos, including the TOUCH 106.1 FM radio show I co-hosted when I met the Plaintiff. Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald, 2010-CV-501 is a huge case for the Boston Herald because it pits a relatively unknown (yet highly respected) young lady against a corporate behemoth. Every other time that the Herald lost a Defamation case the Plaintiffs were relatively well-known and had some measure of power or pull.... and they brought in three (3) more lawyers from Mintz Levin on the Interlocutory Appeal to gang up on the victim:. 

Ms. Marinova, in contrast, comes with nothing but a stellar academic career and proven track record of advocacy, particularly in the areas of prison reform and youth advocacy. And she is married to an intelligent activist black man, everything the Herald hates. It sounds fairly awful but I'm just calling a spade a spade.

The Herald will fight to the end to protect its historically racist (Google: "Boon the Coon") association with the bad apples of New England Law Enforcement, and as a former LE attorney (and reporter for the Indianapolis Star and others) that makes me cringe. The next hearing -- provided the Single Justice or whomever hears the Interlocutory Appeal doesn't do a crazy 180 or something -- is 22 Nov. 2011 on the pending Marinova Motion to Compel identity of the scumbag LE who made repeated violations against CORI laws without any retribution whatsoever from Governor Deval Patrick or AG Martha Coakley. I'll be there with bells on and the Canon 60D at the ready.

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Christopher King said...

So to all of you folks out there who trash talked Ms. Marinova or me or her lawyers about this case, well you are already substantially wrong.

Just the facts.


-The KingCaster.