07 November 2011

A new KingCast movie looms large as Cody Eller is indicted on First Degree Assault, Second Degree Assault and Wreckless Conduct charges.

Friday afternoon update: Not surprisingly Cody Eller and his attorneys have again waived the public appearance. At some point however he will have to appear in an open court of law, and my KingCast Canons will be blazing. As for today you can read the  Cody Eller First Degree Assault Indictment and no, I don't hate to say "I told you so." I hope the Grand Jury foreman rides a bike. If he goes to trial I hope every Juror rides a bike or has someone in their immediate family who does. Remember, in NH this is quite possible. How many peremtory or for cause strikes can they get? Is riding a bike or knowing a biker good enough for cause? The mind boggles. Anyway it was a beautiful ride up and back to Nashua except the heated grips have decided to take a Holiday, might as well just replace them entirely as opposed to diagnosis, right. Other than that the Triumph just sang its little heart out up and around the Route 2/I-95/I-93 loop, all them horses showed up to work....it was pulling so hard in the chilly air in 6th I kept trying to upshift thinking it was 5th LOL.

New KingCast Motorsports movie coming tonight, 17 Nov. 2011 and Cody Eller Courtroom video tomorrow. When I told Demented Cycles owners Kevin and Charlie Russell about how Cody Eller intentionally rammed his car into a motorcyclist and shattered his leg, their jaws just about hit the ground.

Update I see the fokkers at NESR are reading along, I offered them an olive branch a long time ago and offered to buy "this bitch" a beer at Penuche's Ale House but she was too busy set trippin' to accept that, and instead trashed talked me "I want no part of your brand of crazy" were the exact words out of her dumb-assed yapper... so I kicked back, took a chill and waited for this very moment. Some people are so fokken stupid it makes me laugh!

Cody Eller was indicted on 26 October, 2011 and his arraignment on First and Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct for intentionally running his car into William Hawksley on his Kawasaki ZX-14 is currently scheduled for 18 Nov. 2011. It looks like a nice weather day to ride the Triumph but honestly unless it is a downpour I might ride from Boston to Nashua anyway just on the principle: No snot-nosed piece of shit punk is going to keep me or any of my friends from riding our motorcycles whenever we want. 
So once again (see Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald) KingCast is correct about something in American Jurisprudence, surprise, surprise. And for all of you dumb-shit meathead cross-eyed bitches at NESR and ADVRider and potentially HD Forums who ganged up on me and threw me off of your silly little Lord of the Flies chat boards as you professed my ignorance on the law and on this subject, you guys can pretty much eat a dick, LOL. What have any of YOU armchair quarterbacks done for the Cause of Justice here? Fuck me with a cactus? Nah, doubtful.... it's more like fuck YOU with a cactus you cross-eyed, aptly self-named and promoted c___. At least Mr. Hawksley had someone else break his ankle you're so fucking stupid you went and broke your own hahahahaa..... but stupid is as stupid does, and that's what you get for being a low-life skank bitch though :)

Anyway, here are the background videos and the KingCast Amicus Brief urging the Prosecutors to do exactly what they did eventually do. Whether Mr. Eller actually appears at his arraignment in front of KingCast cameras or not, he eventually has to pass before my roving eye at some point even if on a Plea Arrangement, and when that moment comes, I'm going to shoot his ass with a howling straight glass 100mm or 50mm Canon, real good.Hologic ( [Label IP Address]    1 returning visit

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Christopher King said...

Kick me off of your board but then come back to my board to catch the real. I see it all the time.

Fuck each and every one of you with a cactus.

Muuuaaaahhhh..... you petty bitches :)

-Whose yer daddy now.

Christopher King said...

Now let me break it down s'more:

Not all of the NESR folks are bad people, and they all know that I was one of the people responsible for making Boston Traffic Tzar Tom Tinlin publicly promised to provide the perpendicular parking slots that adorn the Downtown landscape.

In fact some of them signed off on my journal entry.


But to those who doubted me, I hope your cactus feels good. I'm not using any lube on you assholes.

Hahahahahaa..... fuck off, eat shit and die.

Same goes for you fucking pieces of shit at ADVrider.

And HD forums.

Lord of the Flies to the maximum.

-Yer Daddy.