09 November 2011

KingCast asks, "Did NAACP President Gloria Timmons sue the State of New Hampshire?"

If so, I wonder what's up. If so given our history I would find that irony to be almost as funny as the comeuppance to the idiots in the Cody Eller case. I have seen her since then and she and I actually gave each other a hug and wished each other well. I think in her heart of hears she knows NH tried to put the screws to me when I was NAACP Legal Chair but the powers-that-be made her do what she did, which included lying Under Oath as the NH Courts looked the Other Way. No worries, I kicked ass in all of that nonsense when NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her reject rent-a-cop Meshugana Marty Dunn got me indicted for Attempted Felony Extortion, and I will find out soon one way or another. Also Marty BTW is sucking up NH taxpayer money now on his disability retirement. He blames Yours Truly for his mental condition, after saying publicly that I have mental issues. Dude catch a clue: I'm fine, but your mental issues of having been smoked by me ruined your legacy, and I am so fucking happy to be the man that did that to you. Well really you did it to yourself, I was merely the conduit. For now read the search results I just saw in my tracker:  Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address] 

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