09 November 2011

KingCast and Nashua PD Attorney Brian Cullen mix it up over Cullen and client failing to provide EMT Reports

I'll start with the last reply first: 
8:31 PM (1 minute ago)
Well actually Brian after more review of the situation and a re-read of your Affidavit I still don't see where you explain when and from whom you obtained the EMT report. As I read your Affidavit it just suddenly appears in 2010. Since you're so cocksure about yourself I'll go ahead and post the relevant paragraph online seeing as you refused to speak to me about it on air, at which time you could have explained things in greater detail. Readers note: Mr. Holder had already gone through a bullshit CRIMINAL trial during which time he had requested discovery and of course never received the EMT report clearing him of violence against his daughter. Brian Cullen would sooner fall on a knife than get on the phone with me over that and have me call his client -- or him -- out. So instead he tries to take a pot shot at my journo skills only to get a virtual body slam on that as well, nice.
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Brian Cullen to me

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Given your proclivity for using my statements out of context, I have no intention of responding to your e-mails on this matter and certainly will not be conducting an interview on it, nor do I particularly care about assuaging your purported “fears”.  An attorney and investigative reporter, however, might have realized that Mr. Holder’s Rule 60 motion required a response, checked PACER, and downloaded the objection and supporting affidavit that answered his questions. 

From: Christopher King [mailto:kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2011 11:27 AM
To: Ralph Holder
Cc: Brian Cullen
Subject: Re: Suborning Perjury

12:04 PM (2 minutes ago)

Don't get pissy with me Brian.

You can't point to one single statement I have made out of context and you are the one who had to redact a Federal Pleading because you improperly called me disbarred, dream as you must.

I have already checked PACER, the same place I checked to discover you and your client's proclivity for standing in Contempt of this Federal Court, but I always like to go straight to the source for color commentary, which you have now provided, however unwittingly.

See you soon my friend.

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