03 November 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies look forward to seeing some original mortgage documents today from Harmon Law Offices and Nationstar Mortgage in Marie Miller foreclosure.

Yessir.... and lest we forget, two and-a-half years ago the Honorable Kenneth C. Brown straight out ORDERED them to "Produce the Original Documents." Anyway as you can see by the foregoing link from the day and date of the first scheduled hearing, Harmon Law Offices loves Mortgage Movies and KingCast! In fact, I am surprised that they haven't already offered me the opportunity to come view the original documents with my jeweler's glass, LOL.

Seriously though, how isn't this Contempt of Court? It is a material issue and it was ORDERED back in 2009.
2:38p update, she won! 

Watch late night tonight to see the 11th hour Withdrawal of both Nationstar/Harmon Law Motions, i.e. the Writ of Possession and a forfeiture issue on a bond. So as I understand it, that leaves an active Judgment for Possession that came out of nowhere, given the paucity of proof. "We're off to see the Wizard," I wrote my GF this morning...... Indeed I was. And Harmon Law -- a regular reader of this journal -- made a cameo as the cowardly lion.
Sunday 8:50p update: The following paragraph is apparently a lie. After we all left Ms. Miller went back inside to fill out the W9 form or whatever and was told that her Motion for Clarification reopened the case and that she would not then get the money tendered back to her. But that sounds shady because all she asked for was clarification to make certain that the withdrawals were with prejudice. So if she was "reopening the case" that doesn't make any sense because all the clerk had to do was tell her "no need we will issue a notation that the withdrawals were with prejudice" or words to that effect. The Clerk then told her that they were going to go ahead and foreclose on her anyway, which would make the whole thing appear to be nothing more than an attempt to keep KingCast and Mortgage Movies cameras away from the Action. For more information read the Unmasking of Maine journal.

"You'll get that ($2,683.10) back and file a W9 for the interest," said Clerk of Courts Julie Howard. Big Ups to State Rep. Timothy P. Comerford, who stepped up to the plate to introduce related legislation you will soon see online. He and I had a great chat today and you will see some of that later as well. Lastly, it seems that the lawyers who don't like their profile pictures and wagging fingers that I catch in the courthouse hallways and common areas have caused an Unconstitutional policy to be handed down on 27 October 2011 banning cameras everywhere except the parking lot and courtroom. I'm not ready to challenge that one yet and I also want to do it diplomatically and without losing possession of $2K or more in video and audio equipment. So that means litigation. I will not be alone on this. Stay tuned that as well.

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