25 November 2011

KingCast again says "I told you so" about Revere PD, this time Todd Randall strikes Richard Ireton and gets his Federal drug/bribe bail revoked.

Smacking local reporter Richard Ireton at a Dunkin Donuts? Really? Mr. Ireton and I are chill, he hosted most of my Revere murder trial videos in the Dan Talbot case. Anyway, I told you so many months and years ago regarding Todd Randall and his buddy Evan Franklin, who ran from the scene as cadets but who somehow got back on the force, only to continue to betray the Public Trust. I was out of town when this went down so my informers kept me abreast of the situation. Federal sentencing for the pissy sandwich maker is 13 December, 2011. Note that his sentence was to be 15 months, or less than half of that of Chuck Turner. Read more on that here. In other more tragic news Dan Talbot's mother passed away in an oxygen-fueled fire recently, apparently her portable oxygen tank blew up while she was smoking. Someone needs to look into that. Someone like a personal injury lawyer.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

Would I smoke on oxygen?

Probably not.

But that doesn't mean that Mary Talbot assumed that risk now does it?

Again, probably not.

She was always chill with me in Court, we spoke a few times, she seemed like a nice lady.