22 November 2011

Kelly Ayotte, Joe Arpaio and Mitt Romney all approve torture, as AG Kelly Ayotte routinely allowed bad cops to torture women and children.

Here is today's WMUR story, read more about Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney and their contempt for open media and free press right here, as Senator Ayotte gets all flustered by a little old lady asking about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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Justice J said...

This video brought tears to my eyes and absolutely turned my stomach!Horrific and absolutely disgusting!! There is NO REASON that a Female should have been treated that way while in custode of Law Enforcement AT ALL! It is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE to the Female Residents of the State of New Hampshire that this was permitted while Kelly Ayotte held the post as Attorney General. NOW, she is supposed to be representing her constinuents down in Washington, D.C. while sitting in her cozy U.S. Senate Seat and while she is weaving rhetoric at the Podium.

Pretty sure that Kelly Ayotte is fine with unnecessary force, abuse and torture by Law Enforcement on Women and Children due to the fact that since she oversaw Law Enforcement in the State, she wanted to fit in with the "Boys in Blue". Also, I know her husband is in the Military. I SUPPORT THE MILITARY WITH MY ALL AND I AM NOT DEMEANING HER HUSBAND IN ANY WAY. WE SHOULD ALL BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL THAT HAVE SERVED AND SACRIFICED FOR OURSELVES AND OUR COUNTRY!!

Perhaps that may be behind Kelly's reasoning that using force and torture is acceptable? HOPING THAT IS NOT THE CASE!! As a daughter and sister of members in the U.S. Armed Forces, I know that Violence, Agression, Force, Assault and Intolerance seems to be encouraged and tolerated while in the Military and also in the Civilian World. GUESS WHAT? Once the Cycle of Violence is started, it is ofter hard to conquer if not addressed early on!

I personally saw it growing up in my neighborhoods, it was present during my school years and sadly, also in my Classroom while teaching. SAD, SCARY and EXTREMELY DISTURBING!

Reflecting back upon my time teaching in a classroom, I made sure my students were aware of the crutical role of Emergency Service/Medical Professionals. Police Officers, EMTs, Firefighters/Fire Rescue in our Cities and Towns. I can remember how we learned about them while discussing Community Helpers and the jobs that fall under that category. I always respected, honored and had an admiration for those people who worked those jobs. However, my view has been severly impacted over the past few years and I will only trust Firefighters and those who serve in the Fire Rescue Division.

New Hampshire is severly lacking in Human Rights, Civil Rights and Medical/Personal Safety Aspects. Just some food for thought as those damn Elephant Candidates and their Sideshows stampede and defecate their twisted rhetoric, clutter our cities and towns with their signs, flyers and motorcades, and fill interested residents' heads with ideas and promises that are full of FALSE HOPE.

Perhaps NH needs to look at a sales tax and the Residents may regain some of their personal freedoms, liberties, safety, health and GENERAL Well-Being! Just an idea that may help protect those of us who are disgusted with the scum, cesspools and overflowing septic system that seems to resemble the Justice, Court, Medical and Social Services System of the Granite Encased In State of NH!~Here is to hoping changes are happening for the benefit, health, safety and personal freedom for NH residents!