20 November 2011

Kelly Ayotte hates free press and open government; she has covered for Mitt Romney before when he had a fake cop threaten a reporter.

The Mitt Romney press abuse is here.

I have a huge Federal hearing on this free press lawsuit 5 Dec. 2011 on KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD. They threatened to arrest me at events that were publicly advertised and open to the general media....
....except yours truly. Read upAlso her Chief of Staff John Easton is a jive turkey who lied about me as he sought congressional funds to defend the case.

But then again Kelly Ayotte didn't even care that someone forged my name to a  mortgage and she allowed the largest consumer scan in NH history to go down on her watch, the FRM Ponzi scam. She's horrible. Watch her response to a little old lady on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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