02 November 2011

Just playing with the 50mm 1.8... one day a 1.4 :)

Very low lighting conditions, I intentionally unscrewed two dining room bulbs to see how it would handle it. Not bad. Not spectacular but not bad. This morning's pic shows the glass in action, it functions as an 80mm in reality, which is okay for me because the real reason for it is low light video: I want to see how it works out in various courtroom across the Country.... and KingCast/Mortgage Movies is about to find out. The things I am about to expose will blow your mind. Outright and brazen lawlessness by the banks and their attorneys (shocking, right) in at least two states, one in the Northwest and one Eastern Coastal. Hint: You can't just make a landlord's tenants pay a bank their rent money without a goddamn judgment in foreclosure..... otherwise you might as well get rid of the Courts and appoint the "MERS Vice Presidents" as "Judges".... which is basically what New Hampshire Hillsborough South District Judge Diane Nicolosi is anyway. 

In a case in which foreclosure mill Attorney Shawn Masterson claimed to have the original wet ink note and mortgage "back as [his] desk" he never produced it (watch the video) and Judge Nicolosi -- with a poker face even -- turned to Jeanne Ingress and asked, "Now the original documents... how would that pertain to your argument on standing?"

Really Your Honor?  Really? Does Ms. Ingress really need to explain that to you because if she does, then you hav no business on the bench. And if you were asking the question mockingly the result is the same. Hang up your robe and go home. What will the CAFR Accounts show and who administers your pension accounts anyway? Stay tuned.

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