11 November 2011

HuffPost, KingCast and Mortgage Movies concur: Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a complete asshat, and his policies cost a friend of mine his Judgeship.

John you are no Bernie Kosar, I was there for The Drive man and played football as a yoot. We LOVE Bernie Kosar, we hate you.
Right now I am busy in the Union-busting State of Wisconsin making this mortgage movie about Union Bank and Anchor Bank trying to grab receivership rent monies without Due Process, but remember this my friends: When I did this Mother's Day video of Yvette McGee Brown at Cleveland's Antioch Church last year I prayed the Dems would not be caught in a reactionary backlash..... yet they were. Now a childhood friend of mine and a good Jurist, W. Dwayne Maynard, has been caught in the backlash. Look around, you will not find much hater talk against the guy. I didn't particularly care for his Party affiliation but as a Jurist he is an even-handed sort of guy who legitimately cares about the community, I spoke at his wife's school for Martin Luther King Day. Eighteen (18) good years on the bench interrupted because some members of the GOP are fascist dictators, what a shame. Now watch the shame of Wisconsin part one, later today comes the courthouse video, guaranteed to be a complete shit show.


Anonymous said...

People are starting to realize that this kind of injustice is rampant. What kind of federal protections exist... Is there an agency or dept? Please excuse my ignorance on this topic. I tell people about you and what you do here. It seems like the govt should have some agency! Thx.

Christopher King said...

We can't trust the government and we can't trust too many big businesses.


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