02 November 2011

Hey Mike I am headed back to D-6 to make sure you get served for telephone harassment you stupid jackass.

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Here is some back story on this guy "Mike" who is angry as hell that I published the facts about putative Quincy cocaine road rage "victim" Joseph Fasano and his illicit drug use and continued traffic violations. I wonder if this mental midget has attempted to harass Boston area writer Alyssa Giacobbe in this manner. Perhaps the police can help me sort that out as well. Time for a spin, it is such great weather!

6:10p update, back home, copy of the report #110568019 to be posted soon now. I had a great 20 minute convo with Detective P.N., great guy.... we talked about life, love, politics stereotypes racism the whole nine yards. He recommends I see "Good People" so I have to figure out how to do that, it looks like an awesome production and Frances McDormand is always a fave, maybe it is off Broadway now or something.
Note how Big Brother was all set to check me if I wheelied that light.

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