27 November 2011

ACLU cringes as KingCast meets another idiot Kelly Ayotte supporter as she declares America "A Battlefield" to destroy Civil Rights, watch for the 5 Dec. KingCast v. Ayotte/NH GOP/Nashua PD Free Press Federal hearing.

Face recognition: Who is this fathead tool? More on him in a few paragraphs. Here is my Federal Lawsuit, KingCast v. Ayotte et al. 2010-CV-501, note that I forced Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty to recuse herself given that she worked for McLane Graf, the same law firm as Kelly and of my opposing counsel NH Bar Association President Jennifer Parent and Jack Middleton. They neglected to inform me of this salient fact at my TRO hearing last year, as if I didn't know better from my days as a Federal litigator, ahem. More idiots. Hateful, powerful idiots at that. Stay tuned for a video summarizing the pending Free Press oral argument in this space. Anyway listen up Big Guy and watch the movies: In North Haverhill her own constituents said "she's full of shit," and in Nashua she stumbled all over a simple question from a little old lady about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Video up top.

Last night I met up with the folks from Jobs Not Cuts, who were protesting at the Kelly Ayotte Nashua office... the same place that I visited where she and her staff again lied about investigating the forgery of my name to a mortgage. Nashua PD interviewed me but I haven't heard boo back from them, a fact that will be discussed in my Federal hearing as well. 
Anyway they are right: There is nothing wrong with making money... it's all about how you go about doing it that is the question, and Senator Kelly Ayotte is all about protecting the interests of corrupt bankers and lawyers who forge documents and engage in robo-signing like these tools over in New Jersey, watch the video at Mortgage Movies Journal.

Not only that, Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney both have open contempt for the Free Press, he had a fake cop threaten a reporter and Kelly Ayotte gave Bad Cop Fred Hoysradt a pass after he SEXUALLY ASSAULTED reporter Elizabeth Dinan. And Norman Bruce McKay -- her favorite cop who can't even get a roadway named after him in his death -- chased his woman into a safe house right around the time she was giving birth to their only child, yessir do the math. And she totally covered up the tragic shooting in Franconia that is the subject of this Dorothy Aufiero/Casey Sherman screen adaptation of "Freedom and Death in the White Mountains". That's Mr. Sherman and Yours Truly in Franconia. 

Get this: The idiot in the screen capture started trash talking Yours Truly and refused to give me his name and blamed Barney Frank for Kelly Ayotte's malfeasance on failing to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage, and for the FRM Ponzi scam, which he actually said was funny. As to her failed attempt to prosecute me as NAACP Legal Chair for writing a Demand Letter after 3 Jaffrey, NH LE cleared leather and gave a visual body cavity search to a black man for LOITERING, he said that was my fault. This guy is just as short-sighted as the woman who called me "a bigot" at this Kelly Ayotte Manchester Facebook rally (watch it for yourselves) where former U.S. Marshal and current Ayotte staffer Steve Monier threatened to call the cops on me as I stood on a public sidewalk.

This guy is a stupid as Kelly Ayotte supporter "Bill Christy" who won't reveal his real name. Bill Christy is or was part of a band named the Bill Christy project, and he calls me a "nigger and motherfucker" when in reality he is much more of those things than I am, and he posed as a JAG Attorney when he was really an underemployed welder according to a man who lived with him as a child. This was after Bill Christy committed adultery with the man's mother when they were neighbors. A great bunch of folks, right. Yet folks like them and Newt Gingrich have the nerve to tell the Occupy movement to take a bath. The New York Daily News and KingCast concur: Frankly, Newt and his buddies need a bath, a shower and some lysol and antibiotics given the dirty whoring around that they engage in. And of course the Union Leader has endorsed this dirtbag, which is par for the course with these yellow journalists.... remember the scathing editorial (seen at the middle of this page) they put up on me as NAACP Legal Chair and then were forced to eat crow and take it down as I prevailed on the criminal and civil cases and Senator (then AG) Kelly Ayotte and former Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn ended up looking stupid.

Others have tried to hide from KingCast cameras before and I figured it out, i.e. Nashua GOP's Karen Thoman, who slapped my camera with a GOP flier as she stood there cloaked in wannabe elitist white skin privilege as Nashua PD looked on and did nothing, then ran me out of the entire Crowne Plaza, chilling my First Amendment Rights as a reporter. It is simply disgusting and repugnant to the purported ideals of the Free Society in which we live.  Also Senator Ayotte's Chief of Staff John Easton is a lying scumbucket as well, he claimed that I have filed "frivolous lawsuits" against Kelly Ayotte when in point of fact there is no proof of that, yet there is proof that she instigated bogus and failed civil and criminal litigation against me, so these people can basically go to hell.

The ACLU is warning all about a dangerous bill set for Senate vote.

In support of this harmful bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) explained that the bill will “basically say in law for the first time that the homeland is part of the battlefield” and people can be imprisoned without charge or trial “American citizen or not.” Another supporter, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) also declared that the bill is needed because “America is part of the battlefield.”
Meanwhile keep in mind that she and the other Defendants think it entirely permissible to publicly invite the general public and media to campaign events with Joe Arpaio and Senator John McCain (who loves to eject black reporters from events, BTW), then threaten to arrest the reporters they don't like. The idiot said I don't know what I'm talking about, but the Boston Herald, WHDH, Cody Eller and the former Mayor of Nashua will tell you otherwise, Mayoral Commendation up top, ahem. 


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget to mention Komrade Kelly's record on the UNCONSTITUTIONAL taking of DNA samples from the CHILDREN of New Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

There is so much bickering about peripheral details, so many little knives in the back, so much tit for tat on formal letterhead - so much lawyering going on

that your commendation from the actual City of Nashua herself

along with the whole #@%* point of the lawsuit

i.e., THE US CONSTITUTION (that NH supposedly cherishes so much more than everyone else)

seem to be forgotten in the noise.

Which is, I suspect, their strategy. But judges specialize in and take pride in seeing through that noise and smoke.

So good luck at your hearing on the 5th. Let us know ASAP. I'll be praying.