25 October 2011

Senator Kelly Ayotte stumbles over Occupy Wall Street, FRM Ponzi and Mortgage Fraud questions at Nashua Town Hall meeting.

I went to get an egg & eggplant sammitch at Clover today and caught the crew on my Galaxy S, I will be back with the Canon 60D soon :)
Fact: 18 June 2005 my first journal entry was on the Patriot Act. They call me Negrodamus.

Oh this is going to be one hell of a movie tomorrow. Kelly wants less regulation for big business but more oversight on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now that is fascinating considering the fact that she still hasn't addressed her failure to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage when I worked for a big company, all of which occurred while the FRM Ponzi mortgage consumer scam was brewing. Ayotte was found to be "faulty" on that, I have the whole file sitting on my desk waiting for this occasion. You'll see it in the movie. That little old lady near the front row gets it, why can't Kelly? You better click on that thumbnail to read her letter, I got it on video at 1080p 24fps.

Background video: Kelly Ayotte Town Hall #1 - -"She's pleasant and sweet and full of shit."

Background link: No prosecutions for big business on CDO/mortgage fraud or robo-signatures, also see my visits to Senator Ayotte's Washington, DC and Nashua Offices on the forgery matter. Each time I received a promise to investigate, just as I did tonight, only tonight was more exasperated because I went straight to the source.


Christopher King said...

I should have popped a 50mm lens on for the close up video of Kelly but that would be gilding the lilly, so to speak.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Chris I was chatting with you after the Ayotte meeting ended and you were heading back to Boston. I would like to get together with you for a chat......I consider myself a political activist and was grabbing on to what you were saying about
the screw job that many people are getting on their foreclosures....

You indicated that the judges in NH just thumb their noses up at your approach that you mentioned the other day and I think that perhaps the only way to get that rectified is for a bill to be submitted this coming year with regards to this to protect individuals against a - lender's fraud and/or stupidity. How was your ride back to Boston on the motorcycle?


A ride on the Triumph is always a pleasure!

Let's try to get a ride in next week. I will call you later today. Am posting your comment anonymously.

Hope you enjoyed the movie I was up till 4a on it.