27 October 2011

Senator Kelly Ayotte joins KingCast, Marvin Gaye, Todd Rundgren, Flame and Occupy Wall Street to meet up for a jam session!

From the "Todd Rundgren you are a bad, bad man" journal entry.
Flame said...
OMG LOL! So it was you who said Todd is the white Marvin Gaye. I was listening to Black Maria, and that phrase popped into my head. I knew I read it somewhere, so I Googled it, and sho' nuff, there you were. Todd is underrated IMO. I never knew of another person of color who appreciated Todd like I do. Nice to see this here. I've been checking in on your blog ever since I tripped over it while following all the OWS coverage.Holy shit and you're from Ohio, that's even funnier....Cleveland Heights sister!

Keep checking hope you enjoyed yesterday's movie with Senator Kelly Ayotte stammering when the Occupy movement was raised by a little old lady.
Many times people of color are reluctant to embrace "white" musicians, even when those white musicians have a history of working with musicians of color.... and vice versa. It's all so stupid, there is so much good music and love to go around. Sing it again, Todd I'm gonna re-up on it, my favorite Todd Rundgren song of all time, hands down, Love of the Common Man.


Christopher King said...

Ultimately, however part of this post is pure fantasy.....

Kelly Ayotte is not about Love of the Common Man, she is all about protecting some of the worst companies in the World, the kind of companies that spawned the Occupy movement in the first place.

Companies that put a shit stain on the skin of responsible corporate citizens.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

And of Course Marvin won't be joining us either but at least he would if he could.